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Nortène provides the most complete line of Geosynthetics with the highest quality, safety and performance for the most demanding applications.

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High Density Polyethylene Geomembrane Reservoirs



Low Density Polyethylene Geomembrane Reservoirs



Geomembrane reservoirs with high interface friction



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Geosynthetics in Mining

The mining industry gathers engineering and operational excellence elements for maximum productivity and safety for the environment and the communities, where it is installed. Use of geosynthetic offers efficiency, saving and safety, which are so fundamental in mining.

Grupo Nortène, specialized in geosynthetic for lining and draining systems, has been working on development and manufacture of products for the mining sector on the Brazilian and the international markets for more than 39 years, supplying solutions that promote efficiency and safety in waste containing environmental protection.

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Geomembranes Reservoirs


High Density Polyethylene Geomembrane Reservoirs
Excellence in chemical resistance, mechanical properties and durability

Grupo Nortène offers geomembranes developed for high-performance lining systems.

An advanced manufacturing process technology associated with the use of polyethylene resins recognized- worldwide and a robust pack of antioxidants result in geosynthetic of excellent mechanical strength, resistance to more aggressive chemical products and offer excellent field welding conditions, minimizing risk of leakage.

Nortène HDPE geomembrane line meets and exceeds the requirements in international standard GRI-GM13.


Low Density Polyethylene Geomembrane Reservoirs
Flexibility & Resistance

Nortène LLDPE Geomembranes offer flexibility, multi-axial deformation capacity to adapt to differential settlement and durability.

Nortène LLDPE geomembrane line meets and exceeds the requirements in international standard GRI-GM17.


Geomembrane reservoirs with high interface friction

Grupo Nortène offers textured geomembranes for excellent friction in the interface with the ground, waste and other geosynthetic. Texturing is fundamental to assure the necessary friction characteristics for the slope stability of the lining systems.

Flat die textured geomembranes, by means of calender, show uniform and constant texture, reproducing the project safety conditions in field. Flat die textured geomembranes offer higher roughness height, providing consistent and reliable shear strength.

Use of geomembrane of flat die calendered texture is assurance of the fulfillment of the interface friction contribution in the designed safety factor.

Drainage Systems


Nordren is a geocomposite line designed for mining deployment, which requires excellent outflow capacity, filtering performance and resistance to compression loads.

Use of draining geocomposite saves times and money, with advantage of more consistent performance compared to the natural aggregates. The costs of natural aggregates have increased quicker than the general construction costs due to the long distance and the options of sources increasingly less abundant.

Nordren replaces the natural aggregate layers with lower cost and higher efficiency, regularity, standardization and safety.

Nordren advantages:

  • Meets the flow and transmissivity requirements specified for each project.
  • Manufactured to the highest quality standards.
  • Rápido e fácil de instalar. Menor tempo de execução.
  • Quick and easy to install. Shorter execution time.
  • Lower transport costs, lower material costs and lower installation costs.
  • Reduces the use of natural materials such as sand, gravel, gravel, resulting in less environmental impact.
  • Reduces the risk of damage to the geomembrane coating during construction and long-term service life.



Aporte is Nortène´s welding wire in extrusion welding machines.


Engelock is an economic and efficient solution to anchor geomembranes in concrete structures.

Where can I use Nortène products?

Leaching Batteries

The use of geosynthetics in base coating systems in leach piles is the most efficient way to contain the leached solution, rich in minerals, preventing it from infiltrating into the soil or reaching the water courses. In this context, geosynthetics play an important role in the performance of the mineral extraction industry and in the reduction of operating costs, while playing the role of protecting the environment, soil and water resources.

With millions of square meters installed in mining operations, Nortène geomembranes are durable, safe and economical leach pile containment solutions

Nortène offers a line of geomembranes reservoirs that are extremely resistant to aggressive leaching solutions for use in coating batteries and conducting channels of the mineral-rich solution.

In the leaching extraction it is also important to have an excellent drainage system to keep the leachate flowing freely into the collection tanks. Traditionally, crushed stone is excavated and transported to the leaching block in a process that is often time-consuming and costly. In addition, placing gravel directly in contact with the geomembrane can cause damage such as perforations and leaks.

Nortène offers the Nordren line of geocomposites for high flow drainage.

Nordren geocomposites have excellent resistance to compression and are resistant to ore loads.

Nordren has better filtration performance than natural gravel, is installed quickly and protects the base geomembrane against the action of stones that can cause holes and leaks.

Evaporation Ponds
Natural evaporation is a process used for the concentration of saline solutions. Lagoons are designed to achieve maximum efficiency in the evaporation of aqueous fractions and in containing the substances of interest.

In the mining industry, evaporation processes are carried out on a large scale, occupying large areas and optimizing the action of heat and winds for maximum efficiency and economy. Lithium carbonate, lithium hydroxide, sodium nitrate, potassium nitrate, potassium sulfate and many others, are examples of products commonly obtained by evaporation processes.

The use of geomembranes in the coating of evaporation ponds is the most efficient way to contain saline concentrates. Geomembranes offer an important contribution to the reduction of losses and to the maximum yield and productivity, while playing the role of protecting the environment, preventing contamination of the soil and waterways.

With millions of square meters installed in mining operations, Nortène geomembranes are a durable, reliable and economical containment solution for evaporation ponds.

Nortène offers a line of geomembranes extremely resistant to the action of chemicals, the action of solar radiation and the extreme conditions of ambient temperature. Nortène geomembranes are specially designed for the mining industry, including evaporation tanks.

General use tanks / ponds in mining
In the mining processes, tanks and ponds are used for various substances, for the purpose of containment and environmental protection.

In the most remote or arid regions, where water is scarce, bottom coverings and floating coverings in geomembranes are used to preserve the water supply and minimize evaporation.

Nortène geomembranes are designed for maximum strength and durability and can be combined with other items in the Nortène line of geosynthetics, such as geonet and draining geocomposite, for a complete system for the detection and containment of leaks in tanks and ponds.

Tailings Dams
Tailings dams store substances with the potential for environmental damage. Tailings are often the most significant environmental liability and disposal safety is an important issue addressed by mining projects. Hence the need for highly effective waterproofing systems. The complexity, technical rigor and environmental responsibility of these works require the use of high quality geomembranes.

With millions of square meters installed, Nortène geomembranes meet the most stringent requirements of the mining industry, working to contain waste and protect the environment.

In tailings disposal projects it is also important to have an excellent drainage system for the purpose of stabilizing the dam, which continuously receives solid, liquid and / or pasty fractions of tailings from the mining industrial process.

Nortène offers the line of geocomposites
Nordren for high flow drainage and excellent resistance to compression, capable of resisting the action of the high loads of dam rises.

Coverage / Closing of tailings areas
Closing the tailings areas is an operation that aims to preserve safe storage conditions after the end of the period of use of a disposal area.

Drainage geomembranes and geocomposites are used to cover, encapsulate and isolate waste disposal areas after closure. These systems eliminate rain infiltration, prevent runoff and assist in stabilization and allow to finish with the covering of soil and vegetation.

Nortène offers geosynthetics of exceptional durability, chemical and biological resistance, which form ideal systems for the isolation of contaminants, tailings and other waste materials with the potential for environmental contamination.

Protecting Soil, Watercourses and Communities
Mining processes involve the management of materials potentially hazardous to the environment. Waste management, adequate containment, efficient drainage and effective closure coverings are essential in protecting the environment and surrounding communities.

Nortène contributes with geosynthetic materials of excellent quality and technical rigor, always in full compliance with project requirements, for use as effective and long-term barriers in protecting soil, watercourses and future generations, with safety and reliability.

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